The Jasper Adventist Christian School is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church to provide a spiritually oriented education for children.  A belief in the existence of the Creator God and His soon return is fundamental in the philosophy of Seventh-day Adventist schools. We respect His divine authority and recognize His intervention in human affairs. Therefore, students are challenged to:

  • accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and develop a personal relationship with Him 
  • apply spiritual values to everyday life and develop habits of sound judgment in thinking and doing
  • achieve academic excellence
  • value labor, physical and mental, as the blessing God intended it to be
  • be inquisitive and communicate effectively 
  • respect themselves and all humanity as valuable individuals created by God.

The Jasper Adventist Christian School operates in harmony with the guidance and direction of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. It is state-accredited and the teaching staff are certified professionals. 

Because JACS is small and the student-teacher ratio is small, teachers are able to give students the individual help they need.  This enriches their learning experience and helps them to be successful. 

Mission Statement 
Jasper Adventist Christian School educates its students for the joy of service in this world and for the world to come, and makes provision for the harmonious development of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of each student.  JACS exists to provide our students a quality education in a Christian setting.